We strive to continuously monitor the needs of the consumers and to keep the level of trust they have in us. The tendency of Mlekara Zdravje Radovo is to offer high-quality dairy products on the market, which will contribute to a better life of the people.


  • Production of safe, original and high-quality products in a safe and healthy work environment
  • Placement of products that meet modern consumer needs
  • Care for the environment


Full alignment with legal regulations and manufacturing safety, which guarantees high standard products. Respect for the employees and business partners in the operational process is paramount.

Some particularly important values, among others, are the following:

  • Superior quality in all areas, starting from the raw materials, manufacturing process, distribution, marketing and sales.
  • Highest standards in every operational segment, with the purpose of ensuring long-term success.
  • Confidentiality and partnership in the relationship with our associates and partners.
  • Care for improving the work conditions, in accordance with the highest standards.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Social responsibility and support of individuals, informal groups and organizations that require assistance.